On Top of the Hill.


On top of that hill, I felt something. An entity talking to me. Telepathic I guess. I could feel it.

“There. What do you think?

You said your life is complicated. That you are facing issues which you never faced before.

 You are! I am not denying that.

But just look at the things around you.

So. Tell me.

Do you feel humbled?”

There I was. Sitting on a cold rock. Bare feet. Thinking about life. The past few months. The coming years. While I was climbing up, I decided to do something when I reach the top. When I reached the top, I sat there and did what I planned.

I put the earphones on and started listening to “Bron-Yr-Aur” by Led Zeppelin.

Almost a thousand kilometers away, I found peace. Maybe momentarily . But I was at peace. I was humbled for 15 minutes.